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Roy C. Booth is a published author, comedian, poet, journalist, essayist, screenwriter, and internationally awarded playwright with over 50 plays published (Samuel French, Heuer, et al) with 750+ productions worldwide in 28 countries in nine languages. Also known for collaborations with R Thomas Riley, Brian

Keene, Eric M. Heideman, William F. Wu, his lovely wife, Cynthia, and others (along with his presence on the regional convention circuit), Roy hails from Bemidji, MN where he also manages Roy’s Comics & Games.










Axel Kohagen lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A former book reviewer for Joe Bob Briggs’ online book club, he also

wrote a two entries for The Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities (for “horror” and “Stephen King”)

and has had a story published in the cannibal anthology Human Cuisine. This is his first online novel.

Contact Axel Kohagen at


  1. George Swede · August 17, 2011

    Hi Axel,

    Google Alert sent me the link to you novel.


    Because my name is George Swede.

    And, this isn’t the only coincidence. Decades ago, I had my little finger intentionally twisted and dislocated during an athletic event (ping-pong).



    • cfcows · August 17, 2011

      This is most definitely a creepy occurance. My Swedes were named for the many Minnesota Scandinavian farming families, and I hope your Swedes are less violent and trashy than my ball-playing clan.

      Closest I’ve ever come to a Ping-Pong wound was when my brother gave me welts with his serve.

      Thanks for the comment, and I hope you enjoy the book. Moreover, I hope you make better choices than my character George Swede, who will have a rough September . . .

    • cfcows · August 17, 2011

      After looking at your profile, my George Swede should be a power hitter with the family nickname of “Basho.” Of course, those Swedes would not understand the poetic reference . . .

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